The British Resistance Fighters are the valiant and proud rebels who fight against the Imperial British Forces on their own soil. These resistance soldiers have no territory to themselves but they posess multiple safe houses within different cities like Manchester, Salsbury, Cornwall, Glasgow and only one small outpost in the Imperial Capital London.

They fight for freedom, peace and prosperity across the colonies of the Empire by killing British soldiers, police officers, military installations, armor factories and much more important locations for the NBE. They have complete opposite values to the NBE due to the fact they want to restore peace to these nations that are currently under British rule.

The fighters use what they have at their disposals be it pipes, knives, guns or even their own fists. They show no remorse for these so called "Imperial Scum" and will kill them at first sight unless they have important information on the Empire's Advanced Weapons Expansion. The fighters wear black caps and white berets along with a armband with the English Cross on it.

They are currently at war with the NBE and it's military and are allied with the Northern States of America and the German Freedom Korps.

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