The New British Empire are the tyranical colonial nation that once ruled a large portion of the world in the past and have done that once more but on a greater scale, and commit worse attrocities than they did in the 1800s. They currently have France, Spain, North Africa, Finland, Sweden, Southern Ireland, Italy, India, Canada and Australia under their control at the moment and are still expanding. They show no mercy to the occupants of their colonies and will brutally execute them if there is a whiff of disrespect of truency.

They show no remorse or help to those colonists who are trying to survive and only pay them or give benefits to those who are in need of them. The police are corrupt and take bribes from criminals even for manslaughter and mass shootings. Some colonies are lawless and rely on the military to sort the rebellions out even though they are stretched across the globe keeping the peace and prosperity on home soil.

The regiments of the New British Empire are a well trained and equipped fighting force that can easily outgun any enemy that they fight be it rebels, enemy soldiers or even their own people. The people incharge of the army are lazy and take bribes much like the police officers of the colonies, which does not shed a good light on the High Command.

They are allied with the New Deutsches Reich and anonymously supply the Southern States of America though they are at war with the Northern States of America, German Freedom Korps and the British Resistance Fighters.

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