The Southern States of America is the Faction that has borders with the United States of North America. They are the complete opposite of the USoNA and have been fighting with them for the last five years. The war has been relentless as of now and the North American army have decided to fortify the borders of their nation to protect from the legions of the SSoA.

The Southern States of America have fortified cities that have soldiers patrolling the streets at every time of the day and night to prevent night raids or resistance, the people here have no rights other than to live and work in the factories, they cannot vote due to the nation having one dictator who shall rule until he dies, and when he does a power struggle shall be prominent.

The army of The Southern States are low funded due to the fact they are mostly conscripted and drafted but they do have elite soldiers whom they give the most advanced technology to. The regular soldiers mirror those of the Russian partisan detachments who are usually civillians with no prior combat knowledge other than their dieing will to fight for their country. However, these soldiers do not have that will and want to defect to the north.

They currently have no allies but are being funded by the New British Empire anonymously, however they are at war with the North.

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