The United States of North America are a democratic state that currently hold sway over all Northern states and most Southern states other than Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and Louisiana. They are a faction which shares qualities and is mirrored with the Civil War faction known as the Union Army, with the Southern States of America mirroring the Confederate Army.

They pride themselves with their civillians free will to go anywhere they would like and have no curfews at all, have free votes no matter the gender and can posess firearms provided they have a gun license. The streets have good policing and there is rarely any crimes that happened until the Southern States started rebel due to the fact they've had enough of democracy and wanted to overthrow the country.

The military itself is well funded and has a good ammount of active servicemen within their ranks that are trained to be the best of the best and so they can match any soldiers no matter what equipment they have. The army itself has thirty-five infantry regiments, ten mechanised divisions, five artillery battalions and seven armoured corps.

They are currently at war with the Southern States of America and The New British Empire but they are allied with the German Freedom Korps and The British Resistance Fighters. Though they are currently fighting in the streets due to a Southern uprising incited by the SSoA.

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